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Going over for a beer pong game or celebrating this Halloween with the cool game of beer pong?
Well then why not have the perfect costume for this one?

You definitely want to stand out in the crowd! While everybody dresses in their serious role costumes, you can grab this amazing beer pong costume and be the star of the
show by looking completely entertaining and chilled out.

Beer pong costume is one of the best sellers. It comes not only for the men, but also for the lovely looking ladies, who would look wittier in the beer pong costume.

Welcome to BeerPongCostume.Com! We have all the fun items you need to create a fabulous time at your next frat or super bowl party! They will all be begging for more suds. Let the girls get a little tipsy as they party with the beer pong. Make the game of beer pong part of your night with your friends. Chug up the night and drink until dawn. You and your friends can add to the excitement by transforming into hobos or homeless drunks.

Playing beer pong is an experience in itself! A long table is the base of the game. You and your friends must form two teams with two people to a team. Each team will need six to ten plastic cups filled with about six ounces of beer. You will arrange the cups in a pyramid shape with the pyramid point facing the other team.

The point of beer pong is to get a ping pong ball to land in the cups of the opposite team. Once the ping pong ball bounces into a cup of the other team, one of that team’s members must turn up the cup and chug away. The game of beer pong is over when one team has eliminated all the cups belonging to the other team. Losers must drink all the beer in their team’s cups as well as the winner’s beer.

You can make the theme of your party “beer pong”. Have some fun with the theme by dressing as a cup or even a ping pong ball. We can help you with your costume regardless of your decision. You and your friends could join in creating a six pack to get the ladies attention. Let your imagination run wild and have a beer blast!

The cool costume includes black pants and turtle neck shirt for men and tight fit and completely sensuous black tights and top for the ladies. Both are made of cotton with a
mixture of polyester, which makes it very easy and convenient to wear even for
long hours.

These basics are not complete till they have the perfect add-ons to make you beer pong costume look completely startling.

You can get an amazing looking beer pong table replica. It’s made of foam and has straps of velcro to tie around easily. You can put on disposable bear glasses on this to
give it the complete beer pong table look.

To complement your beer pong costume, you can also buy a plastic made beer keg. This goes over your head and adjusts around your torso. So if it’s a beer party, you would seem
like a walking and talking beer can.

An amazing head gear in form of a comical beer mug is available too. You can easily tie this over your head and be the beer king!

As amusing you are, equally amusing would be your beer pong costume at the next costume party!

Some are of opinion that it is the candy that is the best part of Halloween season,
while others argue it is dressing up in a unique Halloween Costume!

There are literally endless varieties of Halloween costumes that are available these days.
From witches to dolls, from Mother Nature to avatar, what is that you cannot
dress yourself up as in Halloween? And now, the choices are not limited to take
the getup of a particular character – you can dress yourself up as your
favourite game too. Yes, we are talking about beer pong and beer pong costume.

The beer pong costume is a real funny idea for a Halloween costume. It is a crazy and
unique way to celebrate the Halloween season. It is a sure-shot head turner,
and is a winner in brining a bright grin on onlookers face. Is there anything
else you wanted from your Halloween costume?

A beer pong costume would have you at the centre of attention. There are different
ways you can dress yourself up in a beer pong costume.

You can get yourself a costume that has a poly foam door with adhesive pieces
on the front meant to attach the beer pong cups; these cups are usually
included with the dress. The door is around 28 inches wide and 50 inches long.
This particular costume is worn with attached straps on the back, which are adjustable.

Or for a different beer pong look, you can sink and drink by slipping on a beer pong costume which is a giant red cup tunic and comes with an inflatable oversized ping pong ball.

You may want to pair up with another beer costume for Halloween this season.

It might be possible to make this dress yourself at home, but given the time and labour it takes, the best bet is to get it online. The best part is, buying this costume won’t break your bank account.
These costumes are amazingly affordable.

Beer Pong is a drinking game, also known as Beirut.  The game requires only a ping-pong ball, cups and of course liquor.  The aim is to shoot the ball into the cup of the other player’s cups.  Whichever cup the ball lands that will be the drink to consume by the opposing team.  The rules differ most of the time and it is up to the players to set them.  This is a great party game and is enjoyed by more than just the players themselves.

Halloween costumes are getting more and more creative and bizarre as time passes.  Children are not the only people who can enjoy Halloween.  Even the older age group has found dressing up during Halloween fun.  Some of them go with the usual types of costumes but there are those that think outside the box.  To compensate for the changes of Halloween, costume makers have come up with more designs of costumes for the older age group.  Today, they offer costumes in more unorthodox styles, like the beer pong costume.

The beer pong costumes differ in style and it is always fun to see one wearing one of them.  This game is a great pass time for those who love a good laugh once in awhile and you can give that to them by coming to a party as this game.

Halloween is a time where everybody can let loose and have some fun.  Start the day with a good costume that is funny and different.  This is the one time of the year where looking silly is highly accepted and welcomed in a party.   Take this chance to enjoy and bring joy to others.  Be creative and think of something special each time and you will not be forgotten so easily.  Have fun this Halloween with a beer pong costume.

This beer bag might be the stupidest accessory ever, but it makes sense with the beer pong costumes.

Accessorizing Your Beer Pong Costume

Dressing in a beer pong costume can be quite intoxicating, even if you think that beer pong is a silly game. When choosing your beer pong costume, it is important to note that you will also need some accessories to go along with it, like a giant ping pong ball so that you can interact with party guests who might want to try to put the ball in your cup. All in all, this is one of the funniest choices when it comes to party costumes and you are literally carrying the party with you when you wear it. Be sure to get a loose fitting costume so that you can enjoy your costume to the fullest.

The Right Fit for Your Beer Pong Costume

Take those beer goggles off long enough to measure yourself properly for your beer pong costume. Taking proper measurements can help you to avoid discomfort later on down the road. An ill-fitting costume is no fun, and its hard to get your mack on if you don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing. That’s why it is important for you to measure your chest, hips, waist and torso, and to note your height and weight when you are measuring for your costume and compare them to the costume size chart. This ensures that the costume fits like it should and that you will be comfortable even when they shout ‘last call for alcohol’.

Playing Beer Pong is one of the main things to look forward to in an adult Halloween party. Rather than go in as one of the many serious characters that most people tend to dress up as, how about going in dressed in a Beer Pong Costume? Not only does it come for men, making it rather popular, but it is also available for women and makes them look rather smart to boot. Getting into the costume will also enhance the mood that you are in for the party and will help you have a better time chugging. Costumes are made of comfortable material allowing you to spend hours having fun in them.


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